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Light Structures

Light Structures is a range of highest quality architectural transparent and translucent, insulating glazing sheets, accessories, structures, and complete systems, suitable for introducing controlled natural lighting without heat gains, using lightweight but virtually unbreakable sheets made from polycarbonate (pc) resin.


Applications: A wide range of natural lighting applications is possible including skylights, vertical glazing and rain screen cladding, canopies, brise-soleil and shades, interior partitioning, etc.

Design Services



1. Expert Consultation for Architects and Specifiers



With over 30 years of experience in polycarbonate sheets in Cyprus and Greece in hundreds of successful installations, we offer our experience and expertise in finding the best solution for your project. We offer:



  • A design concept and general plans

  • Structural calculations and finite element analysis

  • Day lighting calculations

  • Constructions details, technical specifications, test certificates, and costing

  • Samples and mock-ups

  • Presentation of the final proposal to the client and their architect



2. Residential Service



For small scale structures, such as pergolas and shades we provide a consultation service at our studio including:



  • A design concept and general plans

  • Typical construction details, technical specifications, and costing.

  • Samples


  • Installation supervision

  • Setting up and final adjustment of luminaires





Our Pojects



BRV Ventilated Rainscreen Facades


BRV Ventilated Rainscreen Facades


Dampalon® Applications


Running Time: 3:16 min

Color / Sound

Examples of Dampalon Application.

Dampalon® Dampatherm K12 Façade System


Running Time: 4:12 min

Color / Sound

Dampalon Dampaterm K12 façade system presentation.

Dampalon® - Controlite System


Running Time: 2:32 min

Color / Sound

Dampalon Controlite system presentation.

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