To continually and positively contribute to the experience of our built environment and users well being, by providing long lasting aesthetic and functional value, through the medium of LIGHT.





To represent the world’s most technically advanced manufacturers in the sphere of lighting and to provide innovative, reliable, high value lighting solutions that exceed our customer’s expectations, while respecting and conserving our environment.



Sales Policy


To propose only the most advanced European lighting products and technologies - safety, efficiency, aesthetics, and quality being of paramount importance. To handle customer enquiries, irrespective of their size, as specific projects requiring total and unique lighting solutions.



Customer Support Policy


To assist our customers in making the correct selection of products and achieve a cost effective, functional, and aesthetically pleasing lighting installation, delivered in accordance with contract time requirements.



My story



I was born in a late spring day of 1956 in old Nicosia, Cyprus. 



My parents decided to call me Nicolas after my grandfather whom I never met. My late father, a self made businessman and avid collector, taught me how to do business and take pleasure in well crafted and beautiful things.



Since a very early age I showed a strong inclination in sketching and drawing which later developed into a mania for designing cars. Due to the 1974 uprooting of my family, I have decided not to pursue my dream of studying automotive design (something which I still regret) and to learn law instead. A career in law seemed more appropriate with the times and enabled me to understand the complexities of politics and diplomacy, in an effort to make sense of our island’s tragic situation. 



So in 1981 I began my working life as a trainee lawyer, but soon after I decided to revive the family electric cable business with my father. In 1982 I begun learning about light and started selling lighting, eventually getting trained to design, and implement architectural lighting by much respected and knowledgeable teachers. 



Lighting soon became a fulfilling career for me, as it gave me the chance to express my character and design aspirations. Working closely with Cypriot architects and complementing their work with state-of-the-art and sensitive light is my lasting passion!



I thank all people, architects and users, who entrusted me with their en-lightment all these years!




Nicolas Christofides

Director of JNC Lighting




J N Christofides Lighting Limited


3 Elenis Palaiologis Str.


1016 Nicosia (Old Town), Cyprus


​P.O.Box 21093


Tel: +357 22 813 043

Fax: +357 22 813 046


Email: nicolasc [at] jnc [dot] com [dot] cy​





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