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Architectural Lighting

We offer an extensive range of interior and exterior lighting equipment for general comprehensive architectural, energy efficient, lighting solutions.

Our portfolio of lighting tools includes products that provide accurate optical performance and visual comfort, energy efficiency, highest quality of construction, reliability, long life and safety.

Integrating light into architecture is our aim.

We provide expert technical and design assistance and have a large portfolio of public and private projects in Cyprus, ranging from work spaces to restaurants and hospitals, and from museums to hotels and private residences.

Technical Services



1. Lighting Design Assistance


  • Lighting concept and luminaire layouts

  • Computer aided lighting calculations (Dialux) in accordance with EN12464-1 : 2011​

  • Emergency lighting calculations (anti-panic and escape route) in accordance with EN1838 : 2013

  • Daylight calculations in accordance with EN1246-1 : 2011

  • Calculation of LENI Index (Light Energy Numeric Indicator, KWH/SQ. M. YEAR) in accordance with EN15193 : 2007

  • Assessment of cost effectiveness of lighting systems

  • Detailed technical specifications and luminaire schedules

  • Budgetary costing



2. Design Drawings


  • CAD plans and integration details

  • 3D renders, visualizations




3. Sampling


  • Provision of samples

  • Preparation of mock-ups

  • LUX meter verification of light performance​



4. Installation and Adjustment


  • Installation supervision

  • Setting up and final adjustment of luminaires

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