21-lights® is a complete selection of luminaires carefully chosen by JNC, representing the state-of-the-art in design, materials and lighting technology, and aimed at residential and other highly demanding applications.


Integrating design and functionality, our new collection offers LED (Light Emitting Diodes) digital technology in very competitive prices. Save more than 60% off your energy bills in comparison to conventional luminaries. Our products offer warm white light of excellent colour quality, they do not glare, and can be dimmed.​​ ​​ Selected one by one from nonpareil European studios, our new collection showcases internationally awarded designs by some of the most talented contemporary designers. Low maintenance (no need to change lamps), all our products comply with EU standards for safety and quality and come with a 5 year guarantee.

Design Services


1. Residential Lighting Design Assistance ​ ​



We offer a three-hour lighting consultation service at our studio space or at your home, for both interior and exterior spaces comprising of:


  • A survey of lighting conditions in each room of your home.

  • An evaluation of the luminance levels, distributions, glare and shadow conditions, and color renditions of your existing scheme.


We will then provide our best practical advices on adjusting and/or complementing your scheme for an effective lighting atmosphere, while reducing lighting energy costs.




2. Residential Detailed Light Planning



For new buildings or complete refurbishments we offer a comprehensive residential lighting planning package comprising of:


  • A lighting concept with detailed layout plans for all areas based on drawings and/or photos, etc. provided by the client.

  • Moodboards showing the integration of the lighting into the architecture.

  • Detailed luminaire schedules, technical specifications, and costing.

  • CAD plans and integration details.

  • Presentation of the final proposal to the client and their architect.







Our design studio proposes only the most advanced lighting products and technologies - safety, efficiency, aesthetics, and quality being of paramount importance. We handle customer enquiries, irrespective of their size, as specific projects requiring total and unique lighting solutions. Our goal is to assist our customers in making the correct selection of products and achieve a cost effective, functional, and aesthetically pleasing lighting installation.

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